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2023 New York City Greysheet Roundup

I Weigh and Measure my Food

Nothing Changes

Keep Coming Back

Without Exception


The Most Spiritual Thing I Do in a Day is Weigh and Measure my Food

ABC’s of Abstinence

Panel: Accept the Things I Cannot Change

Panel: Connection not Isolation

Panel: Willing to Go to any Lengths

Panel: Saturday Countdown


2020 New York City Greysheet Roundup

Abstinence and Faith

Came, Came to, Came to Believe

Circle of Love and Service

Food in One Hand and Life in the Other

Getting to Ninety Days

Going to Any Lengths


It’s Not Me Doing It. Ask for Help

Letting Go of Old Ideas

Living in the Solution

One Day at a Time

Phone Bridge Meeting

Promises Panel

Service is Slimming Panel

Together We Can


Willingness Panel

Without Exceptions